2020 Robinhood Recap

What is my 2020 Robinhood Recap?

Your 2020 Recap includes insights about how you invested this year—from trades to views, and other milestones along the way.

Who is eligible to receive a Recap?

To receive a Recap, you’ll need to have had an active Robinhood account by December 15, 2020, as well as had some activity on the app. This includes meeting some, but not all, of the criteria listed below:

  • Made at least 1 trade in 2020
  • Opened your app (on mobile or web) at least once a week on average in 2020
  • Viewed at least 1 stock in 2020
  • Added at least 2 companies to a watchlist in 2020
  • Earned interest on uninvested cash in 2020
  • Were paid a dividend in 2020
  • Made a successful referral in 2020

If your account was in a deactivated status as of December 15, 2020, you won’t receive a Recap. Also, reactivating your account after December 15, 2020 won’t generate a 2020 Recap.

How can I find my Recap?

You can find your Recap by visiting robinhood.com/us/en/2020-recap.

Also, make sure you’re running the latest version of the app:

  • iOS: 8.58.0 and newer
  • Android: 4.40.4 and newer

My stats are wrong. Can you fix it?

Your Recap is based on your individual account activity, so we aren’t able to change the information you see. Keep in mind: these insights have been collected up until December 15, 2020.

Though this experience is reflective of your account activity, your Monthly Account Statement will always have the most accurate information about your account.

What time period does my Recap cover?

Your Recap covers activity from January 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020. Any activity after this period is not accounted for in this experience.

Why don’t I have a Recap?

If you’re having trouble finding your Recap, it might be because you didn’t have enough activity this year. You can check the list of eligibility requirements above to see if you’ve met them.

How can I save or share my Recap?

You’re free to screenshot or screen record the experience on any platform.

On iOS, you can also save your Recap at the end of the experience by selecting “Save My Recap.” Once you select it, a screenshot of each screen in the experience can be saved to your Camera Roll.

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