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Managing Your Preferences

How do I subscribe?

All Robinhood users are opted-in to the Robinhood Snacks weekly email newsletter, which is distributed Monday mornings at 6:30am EST.

Robinhood account holders and non-account holders alike can subscribe free to the daily Robinhood Snacks email newsletter at Snacks.robinhood.com.

To change your subscription preferences, you can click “Manage your subscription preferences” at the bottom of the newsletter.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from any Snacks newsletters by clicking “Manage your subscription preferences” at the bottom of the newsletter.

What is the difference between the Daily and the Weekly?

The Snacks weekly newsletter is a “week in review” format covering business news stories and trends over the past week, as well as a look ahead to the coming week, delivered to your inbox weekly at 6:30 am EST. The Snacks daily newsletter highlights our top 3-4 news stories of the day, delivered to your inbox every weekday at 6:30 am EST.

How do I access the podcast?

The Snacks Daily podcast is published at 5:50am EST every weekday, and linked to in every Snacks newsletter as well as on Snacks.robinhood.com. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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