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Our Editorial Principles

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What are Robinhood Snacks?

Robinhood Snacks (“Snacks”) are curated digests of business news stories delivered daily and weekly. Snacks can be delivered in written, audio, and/or video formats. Robinhood Snacks’ goal is to make business and financial news accessible to all. This is a vital component of Robinhood’s greater mission—To Democratize Our Financial System.

Snacks are not research reports. Snacks are not recommendations to buy or sell securities. And Snacks are not offers to buy or sell securities. They also should not be the basis of any investment decisions. Any opinions shared through Robinhood Snacks are those of the Robinhood Snacks team, not Robinhood Financial LLC, Robinhood Markets, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates.

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How is each Snacks created?

The Robinhood Snacks team has editorial independence. Authority over all news decisions that appear in Snacks, including what news we cover, our tone, and any accompanying media, lies with the Snacks news team.

Robinhood Snacks Managing Editors conduct daily research through a variety of primary (e.g., press releases, financial reports, public statements, economic data, social media accounts, interviews, etc.), and secondary sources (e.g., Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, TechCrunch, Jalopnik, Business Insider, Fox Business, etc.). Managing Editors then determine the best stories to be featured, covering a mix of headline news as well as less reported, yet relevant stories. We won’t (and can’t) cover everything, but Snacks aims to deliver a well-rounded serving of news.

We will report the facts fairly and accurately, and provide “Takeaways” based on our understanding of the trends, our business experiences, and our personal opinions. We deliver the crucial information and our unique perspective so you can assess the news critically.

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How does Snacks address errors and conflicts of interest?

Due to the inherent conflict of interest, we won’t write news stories about Robinhood. Snacks will cover Robinhood’s competitors though, just as we would any other company.

If there are substantive errors within published Snacks, corrections will appear in the following day’s material or within a business day of discovery of the error.

When the author or household member of an author of a Snacks news story owns stock in a company mentioned, we’ll disclose it at the bottom of our newsletter or at the end of the podcast.

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