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See how Robinhood has changed the way people see their finances—and themselves.
Changing Perceptions
“The investor in my head was someone who wore a suit and a tie. Robinhood changed that for me.”
Angelina, 25
Growing up, Angelina’s family didn’t talk about money—so when she wanted to start investing, she had no idea where to begin. Enter: Robinhood. By investing just a small amount to start, she was able to learn at her own pace, on her own terms. After three years, she was able to make progress on some big financial goals, including paying off her student debt.
Small steps to big dreams
“I’m able to make financial decisions that grow my money and to help me buy a home.”
Charles, 32
Investing has always been available to those who’ve achieved their financial goals. But what about those who haven’t? For Charles, his dream of buying a house always felt out of reach. With Robinhood, he was able to start working towards this big goal through small, daily investments.
Empowering people
“In a male-dominated world, it’s really important for women to invest. I feel good when I can chime in—it gives me a confidence boost.”
Jenna, 22
The benefits of investing are universal—no matter your gender. And for women, minorities, and young people, the ability to start slowly at your own pace has been a breakthrough. For Jenna, information and education resources on Robinhood have empowered her to add investing to her financial toolkit.
Giving you control
“For once, I feel like I’m in control of my earnings—and I’m in control of the decisions I make.”
Kathyria, 33
Kathyria didn’t have the time or funds to dedicate to lengthy investing education, but she knew she wanted to start. With Robinhood, she was able to learn the basics and got familiar with managing a portfolio. After a while, she was able to ease into more sophisticated trading methods, which helped her feel more control over her finances.
Forming habits
“I’m making learning a habit. I feel way more confident about the choices I make.”
Jun, 26
Jun’s plan is based around longevity, and how to build a future where he’s not worrying about money. He set short-term goals to make sense of how the markets work—and was able to fulfill them by reading Snacks each morning. By bringing investing news into his day-to-day, Jun’s been able to make sense of the markets in his own way.
Supporting Communities
“I love finding companies that are doing things I care about. It makes me feel like I’m part of their cause.”
David, 60
The companies you invest in can also be ones you care about. At 60, David began using Robinhood to learn about new businesses working towards ambitious goals to better the planet through environmental initiatives and healthy communities. Choosing to invest in these companies offered him more than just a potential return.
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