Viewing Cryptocurrency Detail Pages

You can use the Detail page to make informed decisions about your investments, track your returns, and much more.

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The Chart

You can use the chart to track an asset’s value over time, in one day, one week, one month, three month, one year, or five year increments. Simply tap the different increments to view the various timelines, or press down on the chart itself to see specific price points along the timeline.

During the extended-hours session, you’ll notice two lines of percentage changes: one that shows the day’s movement during the regular trading session, and one that shows the ongoing percentage change in the extended-hours session.

The market data displayed in this demo is not real time.

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Your Position

If you have an open position in a cryptocurrency, you can see information about your returns, your holdings, and your portfolio diversity.

From the Detail page, tap Details in the upper right corner of your mobile app, or scroll down. If you don’t own any of the cryptocurrency, tap Details.

Quantity The amount of cryptocurrency you own

Equity The value of your position

Average Cost The average cost of your position, if you were to own a full unit

Portfolio Diversity The percentage of your portfolio invested in the cryptocurrency

Total Return The amount of money you’ve made or lost since you opened the position

The market data displayed in this demo is not real time.

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Read up on the cryptocurrency to stay informed about its performance.

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Statements and History

You can view your buy and sell history for the cryptocurrency in this section.

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You can check a cryptocurrency’s volatility rating (Low, Medium, or High), along with the amount of buying power you can use to open a position in it.

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