Why didn't I get the IPO shares I requested?

IPO Access lets you purchase stock in companies at the time they go public. Sometimes, you may submit a request for IPO stock and only receive some, or none, of what you requested. There are several reasons why you might not receive all the IPO shares you request.

We haven’t distributed shares yet

Customers who receive an allocation don't get their allocated shares immediately after the underwriter determines the final price. The final price is usually announced the night before the IPO. If you’re allocated shares, you can expect to receive them the following day.

The price moved too far

Leading up to the IPO list date, a price range is used to help determine an estimate of the final price. However, this range is subject to change, and typically the final price is not confirmed until the night before the anticipated list date.

If the price of a stock ends up outside of the price range by more than 20%, up or down, you’ll need to actively reconfirm whether or not you’re still interested in purchasing the stock at the new price. If you don’t do this within the confirmation window, we’ll cancel your request. Don’t worry, we’ll send you notifications when this happens so you’ll have a chance to reconfirm your request at the new price.

Company’s registration statement isn’t approved

When a company goes public, it must submit a registration statement to the SEC. This document contains information about the company including finances, business operations, and management plans and practices. The SEC must approve that registration statement (declaring it effective), before a company can IPO.

There weren’t enough shares

We randomly select who will be given the opportunity to buy shares out of all the requests sent in by our customers. The selection process is random and there is no preference given to any requester. We only receive a limited number of shares for each IPO. If customer demand is higher than our supply or if there are more total requests than we’ve been provided shares to allocate, we will not be able to fulfill all requests.

You’re a restricted person

There are some regulatory requirements that define certain individuals who are generally restricted from taking part in IPOs. Generally, if you or an immediate family member work at a broker-dealer, are a portfolio manager, or an executive or director of a public company, you won't have access to this program. For more information, see FINRA Rules 5130 and 5131.

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