Earnings Calls and Shareholder Q&As

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Earnings Calls

What’s an earnings call?

An earnings call is a conference call where a public company’s leadership team announces and discusses their company’s financial performance for the prior quarter/year and answers questions about the business.

How does leadership choose which questions get answered during earnings calls?

Questions are answered at the discretion of the leadership team during the event.

What’s the difference between an institutional and retail shareholder?

Institutional shareholders are professional entities that traditionally trade securities in large quantities. Retail shareholders are individuals who buy and sell securities through their brokerage or retirement accounts.

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Participating in a Shareholder Q&A

What’s a Shareholder Q&A?

Shareholder Q&As allow investors to ask questions directly to the management teams of the companies they’re invested in during scheduled earnings calls. Shareholder Q&As are only available for companies who have partnered with Say Technologies, LLC.

Who’s allowed to participate in the Q&A?

All shareholders of Say-partnered companies can participate, and questions are answered at the discretion of each company's leadership team.

Do I have to be a shareholder to ask or upvote a question?

Yes. You must own at least a fractional share to ask or upvote questions at Shareholder Q&As.

Why can’t I participate in Shareholder Q&A for a company I’m invested in?

Shareholder Q&As for earnings calls are only available for companies who are currently partnered with Say Technologies, LLC. Partnered companies include:

Palantir, Lemonade, Arcimoto, Fisker, Coinbase, Tesla, Howard Hughes Corporation, QuantumScape, Tilray, Ideanomics, PREIT, Benson Hill, Biolase, Robinhood, WisdomTree, REE Automotive, 23andMe, Blend, FIGS, ImmixBio.

This list of partnered companies was updated as of January 18, 2022. We hope to connect our customers with more companies in the future!

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