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Robinhood Accounts

Robinhood Financial offers three types of accounts, each designed to suit your investing goals and needs.

Robinhood Instant

When you sign up for a new account, you’ll start with Robinhood Instant by default. With Instant, you’ll have access to instant deposits (up to $1,000) and extended-hours trading. You’ll also have the ability to trade on unsettled funds, which means you won’t have to wait for your funds to process when you sell securities. And if you’re approved for options trading, you will be able to enter options trades that require a margin account. But you will not have the option to purchase securities on credit (what’s traditionally called “margin investing”) with an Instant account.

All customers start out with an Instant account, which is a margin account, so that they can access funds before they’ve settled and enter options trades if they’re approved. Even if you’ve never borrowed money in your account, this account type is still classified as a “margin” account from a regulatory standpoint. As a result, it will appear as such on your annual tax documents and monthly account statements.

There may be certain limited scenarios in which you can use margin or borrowing with an Instant account.

Robinhood Gold

A Robinhood Gold account is similar to a Robinhood Instant account, but can give you access to more buying power through margin investing and larger instant deposits. Like with an Instant account, a Gold account gives customers access to funds before they’ve settled. And like with an Instant account, if you’re approved for options trading, you will be able to enter options trades that require a margin account. With Gold, if eligible, you can also enable margin investing, which can give you access to borrowed funds for trading. Even if you do not have margin investing enabled, there are a few limited scenarios in which you may still utilize margin or borrowing.

With Gold, you’ll also have access to level II Data and advanced market research. A Gold membership costs $5/month.

Robinhood Cash

With Robinhood Cash, you will be able to access Instant Deposits up to the first $1,000. However, you will not have instant deposit access to any amount above $1,000 and you also won’t have access to trading with unsettled funds from securities you’ve sold. You can downgrade to Robinhood Cash from Robinhood Instant or Gold at any time.

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