Setting up the Robinhood iOS 14 widgets

iOS 14 Widgets Asset

If you have a device running iOS 14, get the information you want at a glance with our customizable Robinhood widgets. Here’s how to set them up and make them your own:

  1. First, download iOS 14. Make sure your Robinhood app is up-to-date while you’re at it.
  2. Press and hold anywhere on your Home Screen to begin editing it—all of your current apps will appear to shake slightly.
  3. Select the button with a “+” symbol that appears in the top left corner of your device. This will bring up a menu that allows you to search for and choose widgets.
  4. Find the Robinhood widgets by scrolling down to view your apps or by using the widget search bar.
  5. Decide which type of widget you’d like to use. We currently offer:

Portfolio widgets: This widget displays the value of your portfolio overall so you can stay up-to-date on its changes based on its dollar amount and percentage change. It’s available in the small or medium sizes.


If you prefer to hide the dollar value of your portfolio, you can just display your portfolio’s percentage change. Once you’ve added the Portfolio widget, press and hold on it to open up the widget settings. Change “Display Mode” from “Dollar Value” to “Percentage Only.”

• Holdings and Lists widgets: The Holdings and Lists widget can display a preview of either your holdings, a list you’ve made, or a list you’re following. When you first add the widget, it will default to displaying your holdings when you first place it, but if you press and hold on the widget and select “Edit Widget,” you can change the widget’s content by selecting “Source.” From there, you can choose from your holdings, lists you’ve created, or lists you’re following.

The Holdings and Lists widget is available in the medium (displays 2 line items) or large (displays 5 line items) sizes.

  1. Place the widget you’ve chosen on your Home Screen, wherever you want it! If you ever need more details on your investments, simply tap on the widget to open the Robinhood app. You can place your Robinhood widget next to your other everyday apps or create an entire screen with your favorite Robinhood destinations.
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Widget appearance

Tap and hold on any widget and choose “Edit Widget” to call up the widget settings. From there, change Appearance to the color scheme of your preference. It will default to System, which aligns with the overall appearance you chose for your iOS device, but you can manually choose “Light” to make the widget background white or “Dark” to make the widget background black.

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