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What is Messages?

It’s a messaging center delivering you timely, relevant, actionable information—tailored to your account.

Messages are personalized to you and grouped in easy-to-navigate threads for each of your holdings. We also create separate threads for account updates and announcements. This is where you can come for help on particular updates to your account—and find quick, linked solutions.

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Who sends these messages?

Messages are private and sent from Robinhood only.

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Where can I find it?

When you open the app, you can find Messages as a new tab at the bottom of your home screen. (Hint: it looks like a chat bubble.)

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What kind of messages will I see?

We’ll send you important account updates (like deposits, withdrawals, and bank linking) as well as messages specific to your holdings (like stock, options, and crypto purchases or sales, dividends, and corporate actions).

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How are my messages organized?

Messages are organized into easy-to-navigate threads. You’ll see three kinds: threads for each of your holdings, an account update thread, and an announcements thread.

Critical messages are marked with a red dot and will always appear at the very top of the page until read.

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What kind of actions can I take on a message?

We made Messages to help you get closer to the information you need, as well as take actions on your account more easily. You can take actions for a range of needs, such as placing an order, viewing a relevant article, linking an account, or contacting support.

  • How do I mark something as read?
    When you open a message, it’s automatically marked as read.

  • I don't want to receive some of these messages. How do I silence them? Messages are delivered so that you can keep tabs on your account—and keep a record of your actions. If you want to silence most messages, you can do that from Settings.

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Will I still receive my normal forms of notifications?

Yes, you’ll still receive notifications as normal, such as emails, push notifications, etc. You can customize where you’ll receive updates by heading to Settings.

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