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The best way to get in touch with us is by contacting Robinhood Support.

We use verified handles on social media to communicate news, announcements, and updates about Robinhood.

If you post a question or comment on social media, be aware that Robinhood will only share updates and general information using our verified Robinhood handles listed below. If you see a handle claiming to be Robinhood that is not listed, do not engage and report it to

Twitter@AskRobinhood, @RobinhoodApp, @RobinhoodSnacks*
Instagram@RobinhoodApp, @RobinhoodSnacks
App StoreApple iOS, Android Google Play
Robinhood Blog
*Account verification pending
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What should I expect from Robinhood on social media?

We only use the official handles listed above to communicate news, announcements, Q&A, and updates about Robinhood.

We’ll never go into the specifics of your account or ask for any account login details, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes, or personal details other than your email address or case number over social media.

If a social media handle reaches out to you asking for these details or claiming that they work for Robinhood, please do not engage. Never share your account login details, including 2FA codes or any personal information, over social media. Ignore the message and report the incident to following the guidance in How to identify and report scams to help us further investigate.

What if I accidentally shared my information over social media with someone claiming to be Robinhood?

If you accidentally shared information with someone claiming to be Robinhood, we recommend you take the following actions immediately:

If you still have access to your account:

  1. Manually remove any devices you don’t recognize from your mobile app by going to AccountSecurity and privacyDevices

  2. Reset your password to a strong and unique password that you’ll only use for your Robinhood account, ideally with more than 10 characters: AccountSecurity and privacyPassword

  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account by going to AccountSecurity and privacyTwo-Factor Authentication

  4. Report the incident to

If you do not have access to your account:

Learn more in How to identify and report scams that has more tips to help you safeguard your account.

Reference No. 2526958
Still have questions? Contact Robinhood Support