What’s professional research from Morningstar?

We partnered with Morningstar to provide Robinhood Gold members unlimited access to their premium, in-depth stock research reports. These reports are available for approximately 1,700 stocks and are updated frequently to reflect important company events.

Each report covers professional analysis and ratings on the company’s business strategy, economic moat, fair market value, risk, and leadership. You can read these reports to learn what Morningstar professionals think about a company’s outlook and better inform your investment decisions.

What’s Morningstar?

Morningstar is an independent investment research company with a dedicated team of investment professionals researching companies and their stocks. Morningstar publishes their findings and analyses in an easily-digestible format for investors at all experience levels.

How often are new reports published?

Morningstar analysts typically publish new reports for stocks near earnings reports and when there are major events at the company. These events may include new product launches, mergers with another company, or a change in leadership (like the company’s CEO).

How do I access these reports?

Robinhood Gold subscribers can see Morningstar ratings and download the full reports from the stock detail page. We also provide a reader view to make it easier to read reports on your phone.


Morningstar is not affiliated with Robinhood Markets, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Robinhood Gold is an account offering premium services available for a $5 monthly fee and is offered through Robinhood Financial LLC.

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