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What is my profile?

In your profile, you’ll see what percentage of your portfolio is in cash stocks, options, ETFs, and crypto, as well as breakdowns into each asset by sectors and types.

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Where do I find it?

You can find your profile in the Account tab, by tapping the person icon on mobile.

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What can I edit?

There are a number of things you can customize on your profile. From the editing page, you can add a profile photo, a nickname, and choose a color theme.

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Can I log in with my username?

No, you must use your email address to log in.

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What is my investing breakdown?

The bubbles in your profile represent all of your holdings on Robinhood, broken down by type (stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto). This distribution will change to reflect your holdings as you trade.

When you’ve selected an asset type, scroll below the bubbles and you’ll see the way those holdings are distributed.

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In my sector breakdown, what does “Other” mean?

If you’re seeing this listed in your sector breakdown, that means you have holdings that aren’t yet categorized into a sector. This section will change frequently as we continue to categorize new assets.

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Is my profile public?

No. Your profile is private and only you can see it.

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