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Shareholder Meetings and Elections

As a shareholder, you have the right to attend and vote in shareholder meetings for the companies you own. We use Mediant to allow you to vote remotely. Before each shareholder meeting you’re eligible to attend, Mediant will send you an email via Robinhood@proxydocs.com with instructions on how to proxy vote.

Robinhood and Mediant

Mediant is a third-party shareholder communications firm that allows you to participate in shareholder meetings. You’ll receive emails from Robinhood@proxydocs.com.

Using Mediant

When you receive a proxy email from Robinhood@proxydocs.com, you have the option to vote prior to the shareholder meeting. Your email will include a link to Mediant's online portal (​www.proxypush.com​) with materials and information to cast your vote.

Logging into Mediant

  1. Open your Mediant email.
  2. Click the "Vote Now" button on the link to enter the online portal.
  3. Follow the directions in your email from Mediant.

Attending a Shareholder Meeting

If you would like to attend a meeting, physically or virtually, for a security you own, you can do so by reaching out to ​support@robinhood.com​ after you receive the proxy notification. We will provide instructions on how you can attend the shareholder meeting.

For certain securities, we will provide an additional control number so that you are able to access the shareholder meeting.

Shares on Loan: Reduced Voting Rights

When you utilize margin to purchase securities, Robinhood is lending you money. As part of the margin agreement, you are using your purchased shares as collateral for such loans and may give up some or all of your voting rights with respect to such shares held as collateral.

You also may not receive proxy materials for a shareholder meeting for such shares.

You can read more about this in the Robinhood Customer Margin and Short Account Agreement.

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