Why hasn't my cryptocurrency order filled?

There are a couple reasons why your order may not have been filled:

  • The cryptocurrency moved outside the market order collar. All market orders for cryptocurrencies are placed as limit orders with a collar. If the price of the cryptocurrency moves outside the collar, your order will remain pending.
  • You placed a limit order and the cryptocurrency hasn’t reached your limit price. If the minimum price you’re willing to pay for a buy or receive for a sell hasn’t been met, your order will remain pending. However, in some cases pending limit orders may not always execute even if the limit order price is reached. This can happen if there is not enough order depth to support the limit price or a trading venue is unable to process your order. Check out our glossary to learn more about limit orders.
  • The platform is performing scheduled maintenance. You’ll be notified in your app about scheduled maintenance windows and their duration. During a maintenance window, you can place orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, but they won’t execute until the maintenance window is finished. Furthermore, all pending orders will remain pending during this time.
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