Connect to dapps

You can connect to dapps (decentralized applications) that support Polygon and Ethereum networks through WalletConnect. You’ll need to use the dapp to set the network to Polygon or Ethereum before you can start interacting with it.

To connect to dapps:

  1. Go to a dapp or web3 service through your browser
  2. Find the Connect wallet option
  3. Select WalletConnect from the list and a QR code will pop-up
  4. Open Robinhood Wallet on your phone and select the Scan icon
  5. Scan the QR code
  6. When a connection request appears, accept it to connect your wallet

Only connect to dapps that you know and trust, and always pay close attention to the scope of permissions that you’re authorizing.

You can also find previously connected and trusted dapps in your wallet:

  1. Go to HomeMenuDapp connections
  2. Select the dapp to connect

After you connect, you can allow the dapp to trade on your behalf. You can also manage and disconnect from these dapps at any time by going to Dapp connections.

Keep in mind

You can remove a connected dapp from Robinhood Wallet, but it does not revoke permissions for that dapp. Go to Polygonscan or Etherscan to review and revoke token permissions in your wallet.

Learn more about dapps and how they work.

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