Send, receive, and swap crypto

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Send crypto from your wallet

You can send tokens from Robinhood Wallet to any address or exchange that supports Ethereum or Polygon transfers. Make sure you transfer tokens over the same network. For example, only send tokens from Polygon to another wallet or exchange that supports Polygon.

  1. HomeMenuSend
  2. Scan the code or enter the address manually
  3. Choose the token to send
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to send
  5. Select ReviewSubmit
  6. Use Face/Touch ID or PIN
  7. Select Done

Remember to only send crypto to people and entities you know and trust. For more safety tips, see how to identify and report scams.

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Receive crypto from another wallet or exchange

You can receive tokens from other self-custody wallets on the Polygon network and Ethereum networks. To receive tokens from an exchange, make sure you verify that the exchange supports withdrawals for that token on the Polygon or Ethereum networks.

  1. HomeMenuReceive
  2. Scan the QR code or enter the address manually
  3. Send to My Wallet

Remember to only receive crypto from people and entities you know and trust. For more safety tips, see how to identify and report scams.

Keep in mind

If you transfer tokens on networks other than Polygon or Ethereum, those assets won’t be accessible in Robinhood Wallet. We’re working on supporting additional networks in the future.

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Swap crypto with your wallet

You can swap one type of crypto token for another on the Polygon network via 0x API, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. Keep in mind, you can only swap tokens that are supported by both the Polygon network and 0x API.

  1. Search for the token you’d like to swap
  2. Select SwapSell or Buy
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to buy or sell
  4. Select the token to swap
  5. Select ReviewSwipe to swap

Your swap may execute with a guaranteed rate or a best available rate. Check the top of the order review screen to see how your order will execute.

Guaranteed rates are locked in for 30 seconds before they automatically refresh. 0x API tries to fill your order by routing to a market maker. If a market maker is offering a competitive quote, it’s a guaranteed rate. When rates are guaranteed, there’s no difference, or slippage, between the quoted price and the execution price.

Keep in mind, orders will only execute if they fall above or below the slippage tolerance (a percentage of the total swap value) which is currently set to 0.6%.

Best available rates are continually refreshed to give you the best price possible. If no market makers have a quote available, 0x API routes your order to a network of automated market makers (AMM) to find the best available rate. Your order will execute if it falls within the 0.6% slippage tolerance – meaning the executed price may differ from the quoted price. The order won’t execute if the rate goes beyond that threshold above or below the quoted price.

Your balances will automatically update after your transaction has been processed on the blockchain.

Keep in mind

You’ll need to approve most tokens to be swapped by 0x API, a DEX aggregator, the first time you swap them. These token approvals help protect your crypto from others who might try to access it without your permission.

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Fees and disclosures

Robinhood currently does not charge service fees on token swaps. Fees are subject to change.

Network fees, or gas fees, are blockchain transaction processing fees. These required fees are submitted to the network along with your transaction. The fee fluctuates based on the volume of transactions, confirmation speed, and transaction size for that network.

Network fees may apply for token approvals, transfers to an external wallet, and interacting with dapps.

Robinhood Wallet doesn’t collect any part of the network fee.


Self-custody cryptocurrency wallet and related services are offered through Robinhood Non-Custodial, Ltd., a limited company organized in the Cayman Islands, and other third-party providers. Cryptocurrency held through the Robinhood Self-Custody Wallet is not FDIC insured or SIPC protected. Availability may be subject to regulatory approval in certain jurisdictions.

Crypto rewards terms & conditions.

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