Getting familiar with your username

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What is your username?

Your username is your unique identifier in Robinhood.

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Where do I find my username in the Robinhood app?

You can find your username on your profile within the Account tab.

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How do I create a username?

Select Edit on your profile and you’ll be able to create and change your username from there.

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Can I log in to the Robinhood app using my username?

No, you must use your email address to log in.

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Why is my username getting rejected?

Your username must be between 3 and 20 characters long, and may only include letters, numbers, and underscores. Note that inappropriate or profane terms are not permitted. You also can’t use a username to pretend to be associated with Robinhood or another company. In rare cases, our system may block full or partial names.

If you experience any difficulty with creating a username that you believe follows the guidelines above, we recommend attempting again with different characters or abbreviating names.

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How should I choose a username?

Choose a username that’s unique to you and something that you’d be proud to have associated with your name. Make sure to follow our community standards above and never include sensitive personal information in your username, such as your social security number, primary Robinhood email address, or bank account number. Keeping sensitive personal information out of your username helps us protect you and your Robinhood account from bad actors.

Also, as a quick reminder, make sure to follow Robinhood’s Security Best Practices.

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