How to correct errors on your 1099

If your 1099 has any inaccuracies, we will issue you a corrected 1099. Some of the most common cases in which you’d receive a corrected 1099 include:

  • A company where you own shares adjusted their dividend or income
  • You transferred your account and the cost basis of your positions was inaccurate
  • You updated your social security number

Please take the time to review your 1099s to ensure all the information is accurate. If you find an error, read on to learn how you can work with our support team to get a corrected version. If you need a corrected 1099, you will generally be able to view it 1-2 weeks after the correction has been made.

Correcting your social security number

If the social security number on your 1099 is incorrect, please download a blank W-9 form from the IRS website, fill it out, then send the updated W-9 to our support team as soon as possible. Once you receive your corrected 1099, you can file your taxes using the corrected form.

Correcting a misspelled name

To update your name or correct the spelling, please send a request to our support team with the following:

  • A photo of the legal name change court document or marriage license
  • An updated photo ID with your preferred name
  • A signed letter of authorization from you requesting the name change on your Robinhood account

Once we receive your ID and letter, we’ll update your name in our system. Please note that you won’t receive a corrected 1099 showing the name change, but you can file your taxes properly with the existing 1099 in your account.

Correcting your trade history

If you believe there’s a discrepancy on your 1099, send a request to our support team with a screenshot of the error(s) and a screenshot showing the correct trade from one of the following:

  • Account Statement
  • Account History
  • Trade Confirmation

If the error can be verified, our support team will fix the issue and send you a corrected 1099.

Where to find your corrected 1099

During tax season, we will upload the corrected 1099 to your app 1-2 weeks after we’ve made the correction. The new version will have “corrected” in the title and have a more recent date than your original 1099. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the app to view your corrected 1099.

Please make sure that you use the updated 1099 when filing your taxes. If you’ve already filed your taxes with the old document, you may need to re-file. Robinhood does not provide tax advice. For specific questions, please consult a tax advisor for more information.

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