Price alerts

Price alerts are smart notifications that help you track price movements for stock, ETF, and crypto assets that you hold or want to watch.

For all the assets that you hold or watch, you can set up price movement alerts and other related notices in the app.

You can also set up custom price alerts for a specific stock or ETF through its chart in the app.

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Set up price movement alerts

  1. In the app, select AccountSettingsNotificationsNotifications and messagesPush notifications
  2. For assets you hold, find My Holdings or for assets you watch, find My Watchlists
  3. Toggle the following alerts as enabled or disabled:
  • Stock Price Movements
  • Crypto Price Movements
  • Shareholder updates
  1. For each asset that has price movements enabled, you can set the price threshold to 5% or 10%
  2. You can also toggle the 52 week high/low alert on or off
  3. For assets in My Holdings, you can also toggle the Order status alert as enabled or disabled
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Set up custom price alerts

  1. In the app, select a stock or asset to view its chart
  2. Select the Notification (bell) icon, and then:

a. Switch the Price moves above alert on, select Edit (pencil), and enter a price b. Switch the Price moves below alert on, select Edit (pencil), and enter a price


If you own and watch a given asset, the holdings price alerts settings will apply.

Learn more about adding stocks to your watchlist.

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Default price alerts

You should start receiving price alerts for any stock you hold if you’ve enabled notifications in the app. Price alerts for assets on your watchlists are disabled by default, but you can turn them on from your notification settings in the app.

You can also disable or further customize these price alerts any time from your notification settings.

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Price movement alerts

The price movement alert options in the app are 5% (default) and 10%. You’ll get an alert for each asset you own or watch based on the price threshold chosen. With the 5% threshold, you’ll get alerts for 5% and 10% price movements. If you choose the 10% threshold, you’ll only get alerts when an asset you own or watch has hit a 10% price movement.

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52 week high/low alert

Within the price movement alerts, you can also choose to turn on 52 week high/low notifications in the app. If an asset you own or watch hits a 52 week high or low, you’ll get an alert. You should only receive one high and one low alert (if applicable) for each stock or asset per week.

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Custom price alerts

You’ll get an alert for each asset you own or watch based on the price alerts you set up in the app. You can get an alert if a price moves above or below the set amounts.

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Review your settings carefully to understand and choose the frequency and threshold limits on your alerts. Robinhood Financial LLC cannot always guarantee delivery of push notifications. Alerts are subject to service availability, your Robinhood app and mobile phone settings. Notifications are provided for informational purposes only, and are not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any particular security. We suggest visiting the app to obtain up-to-date information about your holdings. Your brokerage account notifications are provided by Robinhood Financial LLC.

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