Pay by Check


Cash Management is no longer accepting new customers at this time. Existing users from Cash Management can sign up to apply for a migration to the Robinhood spending account.


How does Pay by Check work?

We understand that some of your bills, like rent, require payment via check. Now you can send checks to businesses and individuals through Cash Management. Give us the details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I send a check?

You can send a check from the Robinhood app by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Cash tab
  2. Tap Transfer
  3. Tap Pay by Check
  4. Provide details of who you’re paying, the amount, and mailing address
  5. Your check should arrive in 5–7 business days

Do I get a checkbook?

Nope, no checkbook or stamps needed! You can have checks sent on your behalf through the Robinhood app or website when upgraded to Cash Management.

When are the funds from a check withdrawn from my account?

Funds are withdrawn immediately to ensure you have enough balance to cover the check amount and that we can get your check printed and mailed as soon as possible.

Are there fees for sending checks?

No, it’s completely free to send checks through Cash Management.

When will my check arrive?

Checks will generally arrive in 5–7 business days from the date requested. Although we cannot guarantee this, it’s a top priority of ours to ensure checks are consistently arriving within this timeframe. We suggest sending a check as far in advance from the payment due date as possible to avoid any issues.

Can I schedule a check in advance or set a recurring check?

Not yet, but we’re working on adding these options in the future!

Can I cancel a check?

A check can be canceled up until it’s been mailed. You can check this by going to your history in the app. As long as the status has not changed from Requested to Mailed, you should see the option to cancel from the check detail screen. Once canceled, funds will be returned to your account immediately.

If a check has been mailed, you can contact us to request to have the check stopped. We’ll try to stop payment on the check, but we cannot guarantee that it will be stopped in time. It usually takes 1–3 business days to process once we submit this request on your behalf. You’ll receive confirmation from us that your check has been stopped and should also see the funds returned to your account at that point. If we’re unable to stop the check in time, we’ll let you know.

A stop payment request expires after six months. After that time, you may request a new stop payment. Regardless of your stop payment request, there is still a chance you may be liable to the holder of the check. Please see the Cash Management customer agreement for more details.

What happens if my check doesn’t get cashed?

If not deposited within 180 days, checks will automatically expire and the funds will be returned to your account within 1–3 business days.

Limits and Restrictions

Are there any minimums or limits?

The minimum amount you can send a check for is $1.00. You can send up to 20 checks per day, totalling up to $5,000 and up to 100 checks per calendar month, totalling up to $25,000.

Can I request a check to pay someone else but mail it to myself?

At this time, we can only mail a check to the recipient of the check.

Can I send checks internationally?

No, we only support sending checks to addresses within the United States.

Can I deposit checks in the app?

Not yet, but we might explore this feature in the future!

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