Passkeys by Apple allow you to sign in to Robinhood from all your Apple devices without using a password. It’s easier and more secure than using a password to sign in, even when Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled. Unlike traditional login credentials, passkeys are stored on individual devices and require a biometric authenticator (like a Face/Touch ID) to use, which makes them more resistant to phishing attacks.

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Setting up passkeys

To enable passkeys in the Robinhood app:

  1. Select AccountMenuSecurity and PrivacyCreate passkeyContinue
  2. Verify your identity through Face or Touch ID
Keep in mind

You’ll need to be using iOS 16 and the latest version of the Robinhood app to use passkeys.

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Signing in with passkeys

If there is a passkey in your iCloud keychain, you will automatically be prompted to sign in with it when you open the Robinhood app.


We encourage using your passkeys each time you sign in to Robinhood because it will make it easier to identify unauthorized activity on your account if you notice a login from a new device using a password.

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