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Identifying Scams

Beyond the protections we apply to every Robinhood account and the recommended best practices we encourage, here are some tips for identifying scams.


If you ever feel your account security has been compromised, contact Robinhood Support immediately.


Phishing is a common way scammers try to target you in order to obtain sensitive information, such as your username and password, account information, or Social Security number. Phishing attacks often begin with an email, phone, or text message by someone pretending to be someone else. From here, you could be directed to enter your username and password on a fake site that imitates a legitimate one, to disclose personal information over the phone, or to click on a bad link in an email or a text message that results in the scammer gaining access to your information.

This information can then be used to gain access to important accounts such as your email, bank, or other accounts, and can result in identity theft and financial loss.

How to recognize phishing

A scammer may call, email, or text you, pretending to be someone from Robinhood or another company or authority you know or trust. Remember that phishing websites and links may look similar to real websites. Scammers may try to convince you to download software, saying it’s required to fix problems with your account. They may also ask you to give them your Robinhood username and password, personal information, or information for other platforms you may use. They may also try to convey a false sense of urgency to get you to share information that you normally would not.

Scammers may also text you with attractive offers for free stocks or other enticing deals. Always be careful when clicking on links in text messages and emails that you don’t expect or recognize—especially if they sound too good to be true.

If you want to learn more about how to spot phishing, we recommend reviewing this guidance from the FTC to learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind, Robinhood Support will never do the following:

  • Send you links within text messages
  • Ask you to send money through different apps such as CashApp or WhatsApp or via text messages
  • Ask you for your account password or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes
  • Ask you for information or credentials regarding your accounts on other trading platforms or services
  • Request that you download remote desktop access software

Take Action

Contact Robinhood Support immediately if you notice any unusual logins, activity you don’t recognize, or if someone contacts you pretending to be from Robinhood. Once we receive your report, our team will take steps to protect your account and help prevent further unauthorized activity. You can contact us directly at report@robinhood.com.

In addition, we strongly suggest reviewing and following these account security best practices for your Robinhood account, as well as all your online accounts.

If you’ve shared your Robinhood credentials with anyone else or if you use the same password for a different online account, please change your password immediately and enable 2FA for your Robinhood account.

Protect yourself and your accounts beyond Robinhood

Scammers can target any account, so it’s critical to use strong security practices across all of your online accounts—especially for the email associated with your Robinhood account and your phone provider.

We strongly suggest using a complex and unique password as well as enabling Two-Factor Authentication for each online account.

A strong password:

  • Is one you don’t use anywhere else or share with anyone
  • Contains at least 10 characters
  • Includes uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers, and special characters

We recommend applying these best practices to all your online accounts as well.

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